By: LCol (Ret'd) B.P. Hennessy

The Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Association dates back too 1927. There was a brief record of an earlier Association meeting but unfortunately there was not sufficient information to confirm 1911 as the foundation date. From 1927 on, the Association held annual meetings up to 1939 and then again after 1945.

A number of other RCASC officers' associations were formed after the war in major cities across Canada. Some took the names of the militia units to which they were affiliated and others were called Waggoners Clubs. As an example, the Toronto Association which was formed in 1950 was called the RCASC Associate Officers Committee of 2 Armoured Division Column (5 Column) until 1965. The dedicated purpose of this Association was to support RCASC units in Toronto and to perpetuate the good fellowship and past associations of officers and friends of the Corps. Undoubtedly, this was also the aim of other RCASC officers' clubs and associations throughout Canada.

In 1965 with integration of the Forces and establishment of Service Battalions, the Toronto RCASC Associate Officers Committee reformed and became The RCASC Officers' Association (Toronto). (A short time ago "Toronto" was dropped from the title). Similar action occurred in other parts of Canada as there were no longer RCASC Militia units to which they could be affiliated.

As a consequence in 1973, the original (1927) RCASC Association amalgamated with the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Association and The Royal Canadian Pay Corps to form the Canadian Forces Logistics Association, for purposes of continued membership in the Defence Associations and to provide representation for the Militia service battalions. Prior to the amalgamation, however, The Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Association, under a deed of trust dated March 31, 1973, established The RCASC Association Fund, to which it transferred all rights in the Diamond Jubilee Fund (being proceeds of the sale of the Corps History. From a Corps point of view, the Fund perpetuates the old RCASC Association. The first Trustees of this Fund were;
BGen G.E.R. Smith, CBE, CD
BGen B. J. Legge, CMM, CM, KStJ, ED, CD, QC
Col M.V. McQueen, OBE, ED, CD
Col O.H. Barrett, OBE, ED, CD
LCol R.P. Trudel, CD
LCol Eric Partington, ED

The Trustees were made responsible for applying the funds held by them for the maintenance, care or support of the RCASC Museum and the Corps Memorial. The RCASC Association Fund, comprising funds turned over from the RCASC Association in 1973, now has assets of approximately $20,000.00 It is the intention of the current Trustees to maintain this account until such time as a firm decision is made on the location and building of the Corps Museum. The Current Trustees are;
Chairman: MGen B.J. Legge, CMM, CM, KStJ, ED, CD, QC
Vice-Chairman: Col J.E.L. Murphy, CD
Secretary-Treasurer: Col J.H.C. Clarry, MBE, ED, CD, QC
Trustees: Col R.T. Baxter, CD
LCol B.P. Hennessy, CD

In this brief summary, mention should also be made of The all ranks RCASC Association which was formed in 1977 in Kingston, Ontario. It is a National Association, with four regional associations - the Atlantic - Quebec - Ontario - and Western. Each region has its own annual meetings and a meeting of the Board of Directors is held in conjunction with one of the Regional Meetings.
Note; The first Executives of the All Ranks RCASC Association were,
Ray Purvis
L. Ferguson
Tom McGillis
Danny McNeil.

In 1978 the RCASC Apprentices held their first reunion - "Exercise Green Flash 78" - and the RCASC Soldier Apprentice Association was born. The Apprentices, many of whom are also members of regional and other RCASC associations, meet every three years at Borden and conduct an Exercise that includes a general meeting of members, a mess dinner, a formal parade on the RCASC Parade Square and a memorial service at the Waggoners Park cenotaph. The "Boy Soldiers" attract members from all over the world, as well as many friends and guests to their "Green Flash" Exercises. The Apprentices joined in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Corps in 2001.

The Apprentices of the Corps, wish to congratulate the recently appointed Commander of the Canadian army, Lt-Gen Mike Jeffery, who rose from Artillary Apprentice Soldier to assume command of the army on August 8, 2000.

Contributed by Conrad Hof, 27 Pl, Apprentice Training Company, RCASC School.

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