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  Updated January 12, 2003
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Hard copies SOLD OUT! For those wishing to obtain an elctronic copy of "The Last Waggon" contact
Mike Dunk.
You may send a request directly, including a Cheque or Money Order, in the amount of $10.00 payable to Mike Dunk
- to:
Mike Dunk
96B Bernick Drive
18 Waterloo Rd East
Barrie, ON L4M 2V6

Your humble servant
Bob Baxter


A Tribute: The 100th anniversary weekend is over and is being written into history. What an incredible weekend it was. So few hours, so many old friends and new acquaintances, so many stories, so many hugs and kisses, so much laughter, so many tears. If you missed it, you'd better start making plans for the 200th. The efforts of the organizing committee and a handful of others serves as a reminder that anything worth doing is worth doing well. This was an event like no was done well, very well.

Was there ever any Regiment, Corps or any formation of troops for that matter, with more pride and esprit de corps than the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps ? I doubt it ! The Base Commander, Canadian Forces Base Borden and Commandant and staff of the Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics appear bent on trying meet the standards set by the RCASC, and damned if they don't seem to be getting it right. The hospitality extended us can only be described as "Second to None".

Thanks to the generous contributions of many members and friends, we now have a "Waggoners Park" that we can all take immeasurable pride in. Waggoners Park folks, if you can fit it in somewhere, sometime, is a must see. And we have a wonderful book in which the author surely has missed fewer names than those to be found in the pages of "The Last Waggon".

On a personal note, who better to conduct our Church Parade than a former career officer of the Corps who is not only a fine teller of tales, but started as an Apprentice Soldier, whose son has recently been promoted to Sergeant and is a TRUCKER. God bless you and yours Ed Dallow. And I must acknowledge the eloquence of Donny Cappler who had a hard act to follow. All in all, a moving experience.

Take a look at the "Photo Albums" page. A number of photos of the weekend's activities are included.

Nil Sine Labore

Conrad Hof - RCASC webmaster


Members of the Corps wishing to view or print a copy of the RCASC Membership List, will find an updated copy within the "Forum".


HERE to view and get details on how you may order the Commemorative Envelope.


Erratum: I much regret that a printing error has been discovered in The Last Waggon. On page 516, the last two lines of paragraph 3 are missing. They read "aircraft is thought to have entered the cloud. It crashed on the side of a mountain at the 3,500-foot level and both occupants were killed."

Should you wish to make a typed correction, use font Times New Roman, font size 10, and place [aircraft is thought to have entered the cloud. It crashed on the side of a] on the first line and [mountain at the 3,500-foot level and both occupants were killed.] on the second line. Trim very carefully with scissors and glue between the text and footnote 34.

Please pass on this correction to others who may not have access to this site!

Sorry for the inconvenience,
J.D. Murray



It is now time to provide a brief report and bring some closure to our very successful Centennial Celebrations. This was a great event with several aspects worthy of particular note.

We were able to SELF FUND the celebrations. In fact there was a surplus of approximately $3200 after all bills were paid including the gala event, the Waggoners Park project and the publication of the Last Waggon. Other than the outstanding support received from Base Borden, NO government or commercial support was received. We should be very satisfied that RCASC members were proud enough of their Corps to support the celebration. I was particularly pleased with the generous financial support given by several when needed and it was also gratifying to see the fiscal support provided by others of modest means. You did your Corps and military heritage proud.

Waggoners Park. There are many visitors to the Park and the feedback has been excellent. It is used by CFSAL to show recruits the history of one of the great predecessors of the Logistics Branch. It is also used on Remembrance Day and at other appropriate times. The refurbishment of our RCASC Cenotaph area was a great idea that was fulfilled to the great satisfaction of our members. The SOP for the Spreading of Ashes at the Corps Memorial in Waggoners Park is now completed. To accommodate several requests, members can prepay the Base Borden Military Museum if they want their name engraved on the tablet in Waggoners Park and on the engraved brass plate in the museum memorial chapel. See below for details.

The Last Waggon. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Colonel J.D. Murray for the tremendous research and writing efforts that he put forth in his book. Many have applauded his efforts and the publication and distribution of the The Last Waggon was a real highlight of our celebrations. To many, the book has become a real treasure and memory of their friends and military service. Again, J.D. our sincere thanks and appreciation for your wonderful contribution. I would be remiss if I didn't also thank those who provided J.D. with factual support when he was doing his research.

The Celebration. What can I say that hasn't been said over and over again? The only regret that many of us had was we didn't have enough time to spend with so many friends. Sadly we know there were friends there that we will never see again Although some ground work was done by others, Don Basinger and his committee did a stellar job of picking up the different pieces and ideas and molding them into a great plan that worked exceptionally well. Don's committee worked hard for him and for us and we are very grateful as we reaped the benefits. Space precludes me from going on and on but we all agree that we will remember the celebration for the rest of our lives. Thanks Borden committee - we are all really grateful.

CFB Borden and CFSAL. Major Mike Sears and the many CFSAL soldiers were simply outstanding. Their positive attitude and desire to help was impressive. Mike and the school took an idea and implemented it or a problem and solved it with a minimum of fuss and bother. We cannot say enough about Mike and the support provided by his team. The Base Commander Colonel Bill Reid and the two RSMs (CFSAL and Base Borden) served us above and beyond. Without the support of CFSAL and the Base we would have been in serious trouble and our costs would have been prohibitive. We are truly grateful for this support and cannot thank the Base and CFSAL enough.

We have purchased RCASC flags, which will be looked after by the RSM CFSAL, and the Corps flag will be flown in Waggoners Park daily. Durable high quality benches will be placed in the park in the spring. Work on a large plaque, that will depict the names of those who so generously contributed to our Centennial projects, is in progress.

In closing, I want to thank John Ferguson who took on the Presidency and worked hard for all of us in our time of need. Thanks John we owe you. To everyone who supported us in any way, my most sincere gratitude and appreciation. It seems we were on this project a long time. For example the Commander Base Borden gave us the formal approval in August 1995 to refurbish Waggoners Park and to have our celebration in Borden.

Finally I want to thank Col Jack Clarry for his wise, consistent counsel and support, financial advice and fiscal assurance and he still is treasurer of the celebration. Above all he was there every time I had a need. You were a pillar of strength sir and it was sincerely appreciated.

Kindest Personal Regards
Bob Baxter
Centennial Celebration Coordinator

Printable Guide and Application for Spreading Ashes " ~ Waggoners Park"


"At the 100 Anniversary of the RCASC held in Camp Borden in May of 2001 a meeting was held of the National Association Executive. In attendance were:- John Ferguson, President; Bob Baxter, Vice President; Don Basinger, Acting Treasurer; Everett "Skip" Ferguson, Past President, Atlantic Association; Frank Leach, Vice President, Atlantic Association; Joe Horseman, Atlantic Association; Ken Prue, President, Ontario Association; Gordon Kube, President, Western Association; Ian Maddock, Western Association; W.I. "Bud" Code, President, Apprentice Association and John W. MacLeod, Acting Secretary, National Association."

After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that the National Association would remain in effect and the following motion was made and passed.
"Moved by Gordon Kube, seconded by Ken Prue that: 1] John W MacLeod be appointed National Secretary/Treasurer for a two year term, 2] that the National Office be located in Ottawa, Ontario, 3] that the National President be rotated every two years effective April 1, 2002, with Atlantic Region leading off (Ontario -2004 and Western - 2006). and 4] that National President must be the incumbent Regional Association President.
John Ferguson of Kingston, ON agreed to remain National President until March 31, 2002". NOTE: - He will actually turn over the Presidents position at the Atlantic Association's Reunion and General Meeting at Cornwallis in September 2002. It was also agreed that Bob Baxter would assist the National Secretary in opening a National Association Bank Account in Ottawa by transferring the balance of the funds from Calgary, AB to Ottawa. These funds to be utilized for the day-to-day operation of the National Office (e.g. - Photocopying, postage, telephone calls, purchase of medals, etc.). Any additional funds required by the National Office will be obtained from the Regional Associations, "as required", and on an equal basis (e.g. - purchase of medals, etc). National Secretary to supply Regional Associations with an Annual Financial Report."
(Note: Bank Account opened in 2000 in Ottawa with John Ferguson, Conrad Hof and John Macleod as signing authority with any two having to sign cheques)

Signed - John John MacLeod